Installing a Bonobo Git Server on a Virtual Machine

  This is a guide for setting up a Bonobo Git server on Windows 2012. You will be extracting the files downloaded in a compressed zip file and granting authorization to accounts. This can be a useful repository for programming projects that are being contributed to as a group, a central point for all members … Read moreInstalling a Bonobo Git Server on a Virtual Machine

How to Override/Replace Windows 10 Product Key with a Clean Install

Installing a new OS is a hassle in it’s own right. Switching an OEM key on an already deployed OS is a nightmare. No amount of wiping the hard drive is going to allow you to switch the product key. After reloading a computer with an OEM OS several times, I figured it out. In … Read moreHow to Override/Replace Windows 10 Product Key with a Clean Install

Custom Software vs Retail Software

Over the years as a programmer, I’ve wondered what will happen to the custom software market considering the proliferation and specialization of ‘off the shelf’ software. Retail Software The first experience a user has with a computer is with ‘retail’ or ‘off the shelf’ software. These are applications that are written and mas distributed. The … Read moreCustom Software vs Retail Software

Installing AMD Catalyst Drivers working in Ubuntu

To make sure we are working with a clean slate. Please issue the below commands: apt-get remove fglrx-atieventsd fglrx-control fglrx-driver fglrx-modules-dkms glx-alternative-fglrx glx-alternative-fglrx libfglrx-amdxba1:i386 Now let’s begin. $ sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic or Extract: sudo chmod +x On the desktop edition of Ubuntu apt will resolve any dependencies that you may be missing … Read moreInstalling AMD Catalyst Drivers working in Ubuntu

Ubuntu OpenStack

This document will outline the steps to create a simple OpenStack cloud. 1) Network Architecture The following is the target initial network design. The high power workstations will be pulled into the system as compute and storage. A redundant controller will need created, and replication of storage to an data center. 2) Controller Server Configuration … Read moreUbuntu OpenStack