Installing a Bonobo Git Server on a Virtual Machine


This is a guide for setting up a Bonobo Git server on Windows 2012. You will be extracting the files downloaded in a compressed zip file and granting authorization to accounts. This can be a useful repository for programming projects that are being contributed to as a group, a central point for all members of a project to work on.

Must have these .NET features installed  4.6

download and install from here

Select “Add Roles and Features”

Hit “Next”


Select the “Web Server (IIS)” box

Go ahead and select the “Add Features” button.

Add any wanted roles. Hit “Next”.

Hit “Next”

Hit “Next” again.

Hit “Install”

This is the end of setting up the server features needed to have Bonobo Git Server work. Now on to downloading and actually setting up the Bonobo Git part.

Download it here:

Right click on the zipped file and select extract …

Then extract the files to C:\inetpub\wwwroot

Once the files are extracted you’ll need to go and grant permission the access the folder.

This is the folder, select it and go to its properties.

Right click and go down to “Properties”

Select the “Security” tab

Then select the user (IIS_IUSERS(ect.))

Edit and make it so users can “Modify” and  “Write”… apply that.

Access Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager in Server Manager by right-clicking on the server that will be hosting Bonobo Git.


In IIS go down to the Bonobo Git Server file and right click it and choose “Convert to Application”.

In “Authentication” Make sure that ASP.NET Impersonation is “Disabled”

The following prompt displays. You need not make any changes.

This is a common error, ASP.NET Impersonation has to be disabled.

Change ASP.NET Impersonation in Authentication like below to “Disabled”

Start IIS Manager. Select the server in the left pane and double click ‘Authentication’ under the IIS group in the central pane. Select ASP.NET Impersonation and select ‘Disable’ at top of right pane

Open a web browser and go to http://localhost/Bonobo.Git.Server log in (admin/admin) and try out !